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Farm & Fell

Five Generations of Farming Pedigree

About Us


We are a family farm in the Yorkshire Dales.  In the wake of Covid & Brexit, we made the decision to pivot our business from the production of cattle, sheep and pigs in the uplands, to facilitating access to our way of life for everyone.


Initially in 2020, after the first winter of COVID, we opened 7 acres of farm land to camping in order to provide open space to those families from inner cities such as Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Glasgow & Leeds.  We were surprised by the interest of visitors in our way of life and opened up another 10 acres to support 60 pitches for up to 56 days.

In 2023 we expanded our camping operation to 200 pitches for Bank Holidays and peak periods whilst concurrently developing hot showers and a pop up bar, stage and kitchen in 'The Barn.'  

We have now received planning permission for 30 pitches from Easter to Aug each year with an additional 50 pitches authorised for up to 60 days per year.  With the planning permission came authority to develop a farm building with seasonal toilets, showers and a small 24hr vending 'Farm Shop.'

Care Farming

Since 2014 we have been the home of The Rawthey Project supporting disadvantaged and vulnerable members of the armed forces as they wrestle with psychological illness and the associated symptoms of alcoholism, addiction, homelessness and so much more.....

In 2023 we made the decision to seek planning permission to establish a farm based peer led residential supported living operation for up to 6 adults concurrently, with the goal of returning 96 to independent living and sustainable employment within 4 years.

In 2024 we aim to further build out our Care Farming operation and welcome groups of disadvantaged & vulnerable adults and children for day visits to the farm to enjoy nature, animals and the open space.



We continue to farm (but on a smaller scale), using the farm calendar to introduce our visitors to farming in the uplands of the Yorkshire Dales.  All of our cattle & sheep are grass fed and reared in a low intensity traditional farming systems, grazing outside all year around.  Our pigs live outside in summer and come in to loose housing in winter.  By farming in this way we conserve our heritage in an environmentally sustainable way.

In spring we welcome visitors to help us with lambing.  Bottle feeding pet lambs is very popular amongst visitors and provides the opportunity to discuss how sheep are farmed in our uplands.

By May focus switches to calf rearing and our visitors enjoy immersing themselves in all things cattle.  By June our focus is switching to sheep shearing with July and August very much focussed on harvesting the crop for winter.

Farm Kitchen

The aim of our farm kitchen is to provide affordable food that is produced on the farm and locally where possible for visiting families in peak periods.  With true field to fork transparency, the livestock that we produce on the farm are slaughtered 14 miles away at a local abattoir and are butchered to order.


Throughout the year we run a number of events to support the local and wider communities, the most popular is Hells Fells Family Festival, which we have run for 6 years in support of The Rawthey Project.  This family festival provides free camping & adventure training for disadvantaged armed forces families that would otherwise struggle to afford a summer holiday followed by a family weekend live music festival.

Further details on our events schedule can be found at our events page.

-Supporting British Farmers-

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