Farm & Fell

Offering speciality foods since 2011

-   ABOUT US  -

Welcome to Farm & Fell.  This is the shop in which we trade the produce from our farms at Murthwaite & Birks in the environs of Sedbergh, a small market town beneath the Howgill Fells in Cumbria.


We farm Pedigree Rare Breed Galloway Cattle.  These are hardy animals that live on the fell in temperatures down to -10 degrees C, converting the grasses, herbs and legumes of the fell into rich and flavoursome beef whilst at the same time breaking up the soil with their weight, to promote flood resilience and stimulate the germination of flora and fauna.

In light of the recent coronavirus emergency, we have temporarily expended our product range to support the local Sedbergh community with essential produce.

We also farm the 3 native, local breeds of sheep to conserve them and optimise each of their unique qualities; The hardiness and supreme rough forage conversion of the Herdwick, the mothering qualities of the Swaledale & the supreme carcass, taste and wool of the Rough Fell.  

We are proud to farm Pedigree, Rare Breed Berkshire Pigs in a free range system which gives the pigs a life outside, in their natural environment.  Berkshire pigs are the oldest native domesticated pig, believed to have fed Oliver Cromwell and his Army at Reading during the English Civil War.  The most famous Berkshire, 'The Ace of Spades' boar was owned by HRH Queen Victoria.

All of our meat is butchered in a local abattoir (Denny's) at Gilpin Bridge in the Lythe Valley, minimising road miles.  They are transported to slaughter by the stockmen who rear them and they remain in the layerage for a minimum of 24hrs before slaughter, again to minimise stress that doesn't only deliver optimal animal welfare, but prevents the tension and tastes in the meat associated with stress.