Berkshire Pigs are the oldest native breed pig in the UK, known to feed Oliver Cromwell's army in the English Civil War.  There are less than 200 breeding sows left worldwide.  In buying this pork, you are directly helping to conserve the breed by providing commercial viability.


Our Rare Breed Berkshire Pork is produced in an outdoor, free range system, providing optimal animal welfare whilst at the same time allowing the meat to mature.


Sows farrow in open pens and rear their weaners naturally to provide optimal animal welfare conditions.


Produced and processed locally, our pork has travelled less than 30 food miles in its whole life, therefore it has 100% traceability and the lowest possible carbon footprint.


There is a £1 delivery cost.  For orders over £30 delivery is free.


All staff wear gloves and masks from receipt to delivery at your door.  Wherever possible products are vacuum packed.

Rare Breed Berkshire 6 Pork Sausages

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