This is the how to enjoy the very best British Beef on your BBQ.


This beef is produced from our own herd of pedigree galloway cattle.  Born on the farm, the animals spend their whole lives on our farm, delivering the very best animal welfare standards, 100% traceability and the lowest possible carbon footprint.  


The unique taste and texture of the meat comes from the herbs, grasses & legumes grazed on the rugged terrain of the Howgill Fells which produces rish, health, high in omega 3 beef.


This BBQ Beef Pack contains the following cuts:


4 x diced beef kebab skewers seasoned in local herbs

4 x 400g homemade prime steak burgers

4 x 100g Pedigree Galloway Beef Minute Steaks


Produced and processed locally, our beef has travelled less than 50 food miles in its whole life, therefore it has 100% traceability and the lowest possible carbon footprint.


All beef is delivered in a temperature controlled polystyrene box, nationwide 28 days after we receive your order.

BBQ Beef Pack

  • Standard hang time is 21 days for the beef to mature, but we are happy to hang the beef for up to 42 days by special request.

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