This goat meat is produced from the free range Piper Hole herd at Ravenstonedale.  Grazing in the national renowned wild flower meadows of Piper Hole Farm, the meat is rich with the flavours of natural deep rooted herbs and grasses.


Goat meat is lean, tender, tasty and packed with vitamins and nutriants.  Goat mince is leaner than either lamb or beef mince but can still be used for low fat lasagnes or cottage pies. It is commonly used in other parts of the world in moussakas or in Asian dishes such as Kheema Mattar Masala.


There is a £1 delivery cost.  For orders over £30 delivery is free.


All staff wear gloves and masks from receipt to delivery at your door.  Wherever possible products are vacuum packed.

Goat Diced (250g/500g)