Home made cooking sauces:


Ted's Favourite Sweet and Sour Sauce - great with chicken or pork


Fagioli Pasta Sauce - A hearty sauce with Kidney beans, haricot beans and chickpeas flavoured with rosemary and sage and great on it's own or slow-cooked with lamb or goat


Louise's Fat Free Pasta Sauce - a great kitchen cupboard staple made with lots of fresh herbs. Great on it's own or as a ragu base for past dishes or casseroles


Tomato & Olive Pasta Sauce - a light, flavoursome sauce which works well with fish. Also works a treat as a dip


Red wine pasta sauce - a rich sauce which works well as a casserole base. My favourite is to use with Beef and Venison


William's roast cheery tomato and pepper sauce - a taste of summer in a jar


Dopiaza Curry Sauce - a mild curry which can always be spiced up with a bit of extra chilli


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Home Made Cooking Sauces