Our Hoggett is sheep meat, 12-24 months old, reared on the Howgill Fells and fattened on the lowlands around Sedbergh.  Unlike lamb, which is often slaughtered at the point of weaning, our Hoggett benefits from the flavours of the grasses, legumes and herbs of the Howgill Fells.


Producing hoggett allows us to employ a very low intensity farming system, lambing in late April onto rich spring grass and bringing them down onto the lowlands of Sedbergh for winter provides optimal animal welfare conditions.


High in nutriants from the fells on which they are produced, Fell Hoggett is also good for your health.


Produced and processed locally, our hoggett has travelled less than 50 food miles in its whole life, therefore it has 100% traceability and the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Howgill Fell Hoggett Box

  • A full Hoggett contains approx 22kg of de-boned meat, with a full range of cuts.

  • A half hoggett contains approx 11kg of de-boned meat, with a full range of cuts.