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Organic Creamy Lancashire

This is our flagship cheese, smooth and creamy textured, easy to eat and fabulous to cook with, as it has a well rounded flavour. This Cheese has won Gold at the British Cheese Awards and Gold, Silver and Bronze at the International Cheese Awards.


Organic Crumbly Lancashire

Slightly sharper flavour than the Creamy, with a crumbly texture but remaining moist and refreshing. This cheese won silver at the British Cheese awards and has also won bronze at the International Cheese Awards.


Organic Mature Lancashire

A slight crumbly texture that has a well rounded flavour, a lot more depth of flavour than a creamy, which brings your taste buds alive. This cheese won Gold at the International Cheese Awards.


Smoked Lancashire Cheese

Our Creamy Lancashire is traditionally smoked over oak which gives it a natural, rich taste, lovely to melt or just eat as it is.


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All staff wear gloves and masks from receipt to delivery at your door.  Wherever possible products are vacuum packed.

Lancashire Cheese