This is the cheapest way to buy the very best quality British meat.


This meat box contains approx 5kg of meat.  The cuts include:


1 x 1.3kg Pedigree Galloway Topside or Silverside Roasting Joint

1 x 1.3kg Pedigree Galloway Brisket Roasting Joint

1 x 500g Pedigree Galloway Beef Mince

1 x 500g Pedigree Galloway Diced Beef

2 x Minted Fell Hoggett Henries

1 x 1.3Kg Rare Breed Berkshire de-boned & rolled roasting joint


Produced and processed locally, our meat has travelled less than 50 food miles in its whole life, therefore it has 100% traceability and the lowest possible carbon footprint.


All meet is delivered in a temperature controlled polystyrene box.

Family Value Box

  • Standard hang time is 21 days for the beef to mature, but we are happy to hang the beef for up to 42 days by special request.