This is the ultimate piece of meat.  Brilliantly tender with melt in your mouth texture.  It's been aged 28 days to tenderise the texture and bring out the flavour.  Grill or fry, it will end up butter soft and melt in your mouth, but you can also cut it into thin strips.


Our Pedigree Galloway Beef is renowned for its rich and wholesome flavour, matured in a low intensive farming system.


Fed on the grasses, herbs and legumes throughout its life at Murthwaite Farm on the Howgill Fells in Cumbria, the meat is produced to the highest welfare standards, rich in omega 3, delivering a fantsatic taste that is also good for your health.


Produced and processed locally, our beef has travelled less than 50 food miles in its whole life, therefore it has 100% traceability and the lowest possible carbon footprint.


There is a £1 delivery cost.  For orders over £30 delivery is free.


All staff wear gloves and masks from receipt to delivery at your door.  Wherever possible products are vacuum packed.

Pedigree Galloway 200g Thick Cut Fillet Steak

SKU: Galloway014
  • Cut from the rear of the animal, fillet is regarded by many to be the premier cut.

  • Hung for 28 days on the bone, the meat is tender and suculunt with fantastic marbelling.